About me


I was born in 1992 in Zagreb, Croatia. 

My family tree runs further to the South, its roots kissed by sun and salt, entangled with figs and almonds.

The first pieces of music I remember are Dvořak's Vltava and Kradljivac Srca, a song by the Croatian ethno rock band Vještice. 

When I was two years old I sat in front of the TV watching opera for hours. When I was four I quietly sat through Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake, completely enchanted.

When I was seven I mistook the clarinet for a flute, but happily accepted the shiny silver instrument offered to me. 

I studied classical music and enjoyed the company of my musician friends so much that I decided to be one as well.

At the age of twenty I moved to Vienna, the city of Mozart, Apfelstrudel and grumpy grandmas which became one of my beloved homes. 

In my mid twenties I started to gently step out of the boundaries and expectations of the classical music world and started to pursue my interests in contemporary music, performance, improvisation, and music theatre.

By the beginning of my thirties, which I am proudly inhabiting, I have formed several ensembles, joined a few others, produced six music theatre productions and started a new concert season in Vienna. 


Fun facts


  • I love people and I love my work. Above all I love working with the people I love.
  • In my family there has always been a lot of singing. I was blessed with a big, very colorful but very loving group of people.
  • I love coffee and wine and cats and books.
  • I love cooking and eating and reading and writing. 
  • I love singing and telling stories.
  • I believe that traditional music, stories and recipes are a piece of identity, a piece of home, that can never be taken away or lost.
  • I used to have stage fright, but today the stage is my favourite playground.
  • Despite all the contemporary music I'm into, Mozart still breaks my heart and Vivaldi makes me want to dance.
  • My apartment is a mess but I love organising and directing people and events.
  • My general memory capacity equals that of a goldfish, but I'm very good with lyrics.
  • Sometimes I write poems.
  • My spirit animal is a squirrel on caffeine.
  • My jokes are not very good but I still manage to make people laugh (mostly at me, but it counts).

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